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Just a girl, standing in front of an individual with no assigned gender, asking them to love science.

Awkward Introductions

*glances over from across the room and waves shyly*

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Changing DNA and Designing Babies

Three is a magic number, apparently. So, over on my YouTube channel, I've posted another 3-video-long miniseries! This one is all about genetics- more specifically I go into detail about the trendy genetic engineering method known as CRISPR (which I've actually... Continue Reading →

A Vlog Miniseries on Parkinson’s Disease

While the blogs are away, the vlogs will play... As mentioned way back in my introductory post, amidst my silence here, I have been making some videos over on my new YouTube channel! My first three sciencey videos cover Parkinson's... Continue Reading →

WALKRS CRISPRS- A Movie About Genetic Engineering

Maybe you’ve heard of it or maybe you haven’t, but CRISPR-Cas9 is the (catchy) name for a scientific method that people are getting buzzed about. It’s basically a way to precisely edit particular bits of DNA so that they look... Continue Reading →

Know your enemy: Cancer

It’s a word that many of us hold vivid, and often toxic, associations with. It’s a disease that, although is well known, can still slip under the radar within your own body. It’s an enemy that is constantly fought by... Continue Reading →

I can’t believe it’s not Stutter

Carly Simon thinks you’re so vain. B.B. King wants you to stand by him. Bill Withers is forecasting that it’s gonna be a lovely day. And Gareth Gates… he… he's here too. What each of these people have in common,... Continue Reading →

I’m afraid it’s bad news. You’re a scientist.

If you don’t want to know what someone thinks of you, don’t ask. Back in my old school for Biology Week, one of my teachers and I decided it would be interesting to see what pupils thought of science- the... Continue Reading →

Memory or mythology?

Whilst sitting in the kitchen, eating a delicious, but slightly too spicy, stir-fry, the following conversation occurred. Soph (Me): Mum, what’s your method of weeing in public? Like in a forest if you are walking the dog and suddenly need... Continue Reading →

Déjà Vu, which translates to ‘already seen’ in French.

Déjà vu, which translates to ‘already seen’ in French, is an intriguing experience. I remember in an EPR lesson at school (‘Ethics, Philosophy and Religion’, my school wasn’t down for plain old ‘RE’), my teacher, Mr. Beard (a surprisingly shaven... Continue Reading →

Your Nightly Paralysis

Two facts about me: I dream a lot. This is a way of avoiding saying ‘I sleep a lot.’ Either way, the amount I dream is something I really appreciate about myself. It’s a guarantee that when I go to... Continue Reading →

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